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Freeview is a digital TV signal that may be accessed through an antenna. Currently providing more than 200 channels, including radio and both standard- and high-definition options. Freeview has become the top option for digital watching after the switchover in the Oldbury region due to its unrestricted distribution and the opportunity to access interactive channels.

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Freesat is just as fantastic as it sounds; there are presently 200 family-friendly audio and visual channels available for free.

There are several methods to watch Freesat. Freesat is incorporated into certain TVs, or you may utilise a number of other set-top boxes—from standard definition to high definition, as well as devices with recording possibilities.

Freesat has evolved from its former role as a workaround for Freeview users who couldn't get an antenna signal to a legitimate rival that offers excellent digital TV options for the entire house.

Another excellent choice for a community system is Freesat, which enables a rapid upgrade for SKY subscription options in different rooms. For a quote in the Oldbury area, kindly get in touch.

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Communal Systems

As a seasoned engineer in the digital era, I have installed and maintained a number of community systems and provide a comprehensive service agreement with these systems. Long-term landlord convenience and peace of mind are provided by this method, which is mostly used in apartments and buildings with several occupants. Additionally, any location in the Oldbury region can have door access systems implemented.

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More people are asking for CCTV. I am now installing for those who want to assist safeguard their possessions and belongings. You may install covert camera systems on your present TVs, in a separate monitor, or even through mobile apps. Now available are new 1080p IP cameras! Use your current analogue cable to upgrade outdated systems with new 1080p cameras with the least amount of inconvenience. For a free estimate on a CCTV system in the Oldbury region, contact us.

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TV Wall Mounting

A brand-new flat-screen television! So that you may make the most of it, let me attach it flat to the wall, on an articulated arm, or with a flush mount. It may help you organise your space, change the look of your place, and truly highlight your new acquisition. In the Oldbury region, I can establish extra audiovisual equipment like soundbars and conceal wires.

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Troubleshooting repairs and maintenance

Aerial installation and thorough call-out and repair services are provided. I won't just suggest a whole replacement. I can do only the essential maintenance, minimising the impact on your house and wallet while bringing your equipment back to full working order.

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Households must have complete Wi-Fi connection throughout the house due to the rapid increase in the number of WI-FI linked devices, including smart phones, tablets, CCTV, smart boxes, televisions, and others. I can provide quick, easy, and minimally disruptive solutions to help you get the most out of your smart technology.

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