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Communal TV Systems

If your property is a building made up of multiple dwellings then Communal TV could be the answer for you. It is the first choice for most large blocks of flats and new build or refurbished properties with 6 or more separate tenants.


Communal systems offer each individual within a building to control there own TV and have a paid or free TV service. With communal TV you are able to give each and every resident in a building there own selection of the TV they buy, flat 1 could opt for a fully blown SKY plus or even SKY q, system where as Flat 3 just requires a simple Freeview setup. this is not a problem once a competent communal system has been installed, there are many options within the system that can be upgraded and be incorporated into a future proof option for your managed property.

In years of installing and maintaining Communal systems I have found that once it is in and signed off the call back rate is also much less than that of singular installed non powered Aerial or independently sited dishes around the property, There is undoubtably less chance of leaks and faults that can occur to the property when unlicensed trades people are working on or around the building.


Why have the visual appeal of your new or refurbished building compromised with lots of dishes of varying styles and sizes, which have been installed by unregulated engineers using unspecified cables, dishes and methods that don't match! Over the years seeing so many different installation types on different buildings then you really do notice the bad ones!

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