Aerial Installation Techniques

There are three types of aerials on the market today that can be used for multiple purposes. These include an indoor aerial, loft aerial and an outdoor aerial. The type in which you require depends on several factors. The location of where you live? How many TVs you wish to connect? The signal strength in your area? To get the best out of your TV opt for an indoor aerial if you live close to a transmitter in a good signal area or a loft/outdoor aerial if you live in a weaker signal affected area.

Installation of an indoor aerial is the simplest option if you are going to attempt this yourself. To achieve this, plug the aerial into the back of your TV and stand the aerial in an upright position next to this. If the picture is not clear it may be an option to place the aerial next to a window or add a signal booster.

Installation of Roof Aerial

The installation of a roof or loft aerial is a little more tricky compared to an indoor aerial. A tip at where you should locate this is by looking at your neighbours house. All outdoor aerials should be facing your local transmitter and secured correctly to avoid any accidents occurring. If you are not comfortable with carrying out this task some companies will do this for you. Hiring an Approved Engineer or Aerial Installer to carry out the job will give you peace of mind and will last for a number of years.

Getting your aerial installed by a reliable and recommended trustworthy Engineer or company is imperative for a valued service.

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