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TV Wall Hanging for LCD, HD, 3D and Large Screen TV's

When wall mounting or TV wall hanging, you must consider the weight of your TV as you will need to buy an appropriate bracket. Before consider if you would like a flat mount or cantilever bracket (one that comes out). If so you need to discover what you are securing your bracket to. Is it a solid wall or a stud wall? Whilst working in Birmingham we have come across many various property styles which may need a different approach to mount a TV due to their wall structure. However we have always been successful. If you need your TV mounted onto the wall, do not hesitate to call us today.

Wall Fixings

When hanging a TV, you need to consider the strength of the wall and then a suitable fixing to ensure your TV doesn’t come crashing down.

At Install an Aerial we only used approached methods and over the years we have found some great fixing systems for various wall types enabling you to have the peace of mind that our professional TV hanging service will never fall down!

TV Brackets

Once we have determined what fixing your wall can take, we are able to let you know which TV bracket is suitable for you wall and you TV. It is very common to be able to secure anything up to a 65” TV quiet easily with a flat wall bracket and the right plugs and torque screws. When you start to consider cantilever brackets the wall would almost certainly need to be a solid wall with some bespoke reinforcement.

Hiding Cables

No one want to see unsightly cables, so when we mount your TV onto the wall, we try our very hardest to make sure we consider how to cables can be obscured from view, channelled in or discretely placed in matching conduit.


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